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Learn Shabbos.
Live Shabbos.

LOVE Shabbos.

When it comes to Shabbos - there’s so much to love! We all know that Shabbos is the source of all Brachah and Kedusha, but how do we tap into it? It arrives every single week, but are we taking advantage of all it has to offer?  It’s time to elevate our Shabbos by understanding what Shabbos is really about. Find the deeper meaning and reap the many rewards. Shabbos was the day created just for us as a special gift from Hashem to use to fulfill our entire purpose of existence - WOW!

But HOW?

The best way to love shabbos is to learn about this increidble weekly gift. Shabbos is so much more than a list of rules of what we cannot do… it’s all about what we CAN do! Read on, explore, and with a deeper level of understanding you will grow in your appreciation and soon be saying: I LOVE SHABBOS!

Together, let’s elevate Shabbos in every Jewish home.

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